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Bob Pagany, Founder and President of Travel King grew up in a large Christian family in Punjab, India. After completing his education and training in the travel industry, Bob worked for a large travel agency for two years before starting his own agency in India. Bob and his wife Bobbie then moved to America and started Travel King, Inc. in 1980.

Bob has always had a listening ear to people’s travel requirements, and responds with honest determination to obtain the safest and most economical travel arrangements possible. His alert, but calm nature makes working with clients and other travel workers a pleasure. You can trust Bob Pagany for all your travel needs.
Bobbie Pagany, Vice President of Travel King has teamed with her husband to provide depth and a special sensitivity for those traveling abroad. Bobbie has been a registered nurse for veterans with spinal cord injuries for 20 years. Bobbie’s involvement with the Travel King, Inc. will be a great help to her husband and bring a caring, cooperative and hardworking attitude to the entire team.
The story of Travel King’s beginnings originates in the Punjab of India where Bob Pagany was born to Christian parents in a small village in Punjab, where a majority of people follow the Sikh religion.

India is a country where less than 3% of the eight million people call themselves Christian, and much fewer truly believe in Jesus as Savior and Lord.

For many of us who appreciate religious freedom and the opportunity to seek a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, this story will be inspirational.

Iqbal “Bob” Pagany grew up in a large family of nine children, where his parents were firm in their Christian faith and insisted in regular attendance at the United Church of North India.

But, it was while Bob attended the Christian High School at Suranassi, Punjab that his personal faith grew stronger and he determined to serve the Lord, Jesus Christ with his life and service.

Though they had gone to the same school, Bob Pagany met his wife Bobbie Kaur at their church and they were married in 1968.

After completing his college education and training in the travel industry, Bob was employed at a large travel agency where he gained valuable experience in the travel business. After two years, he stepped out in faith and opened his own agency in India named Foreign Travel Service. His business flourished for eight years, and Bob soon had the opportunity to immigrate to America with his wife, Bobbie.

For Bobbie Pagany, the road to Christianity was tragic, but resulted in her receiving Christ as Savior. Born in a non-Christian home in what is now Pakistan, Bobbie was forced to migrate with her family to India during the disastrous Partition in 1947. During the process of separating India at large into two separate countries, Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and Christians were displaced from their homes and forced to move to segregated areas.

During the migration, there was much rioting, and Bobbie’s father was killed. Miraculously Bobbie and her mother, Sham Kaur escaped with their lives, though both were wounded.

Bobbie and her mother were helped to survive in the Punjab of India by two Christian families, who demonstrated the love of Jesus. Bobbie soon began to believe in the power and love of Jesus Christ and not too long thereafter Bobbie’s mother also accepted the Lord.

Sham Kaur’s devotion to Christianity deepened, and she would wake up every morning at 4:00a a.m. to pray to the living God for her family. Sham Kaur passed away in 1983, but left behind a daughter that cherishes the love of Jesus Christ and the blessings that Her Savior brings to our lives.
In America, the Paganys turned to the travel business, and in 1980 started their own agency in Chicago and named it Travel King, Inc.
Throughout the 30 years of Travel King, the Paganys have helped send a multitude of individuals, families, church workers and mission groups to various countries throughout the world.

It is the goal of Bob and Bobbie Pagany at Travel King to help those with their travel needs who are reaching out with the Gospel to many foreign lands. They want to provide quality travel service at the lowest possible cost so that more can go forth with the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

As Christians, we at Travel King earnestly desire to be a part of the important mission which your church or organization has been called to render. We recognize that those who travel overseas to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ will often be facing spiritual battles and in need of much prayer.

The Bible says “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” (James 5:16 NIV). We at Travel King pledge to cover you and the members of your group with powerful and we pray effective prayer.
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Our Pledge to You: “Together, our Travel King Team vows to work hard to provide the best prices and services to all individuals and groups with whom we will be working with their future travel”.
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